The Unique COB by Aronix is a premium LED light product that is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Its unique and innovative design is perfect for businesses looking to create a visually stunning indoor lighting display. The Unique COB is equipped with the latest LED technology, which produces a bright and even light output, making it ideal for illuminating large indoor areas. With its energy-efficient design, the Unique COB helps businesses reduce their energy costs while providing superior lighting performance. The installation process is easy and straightforward, and the Unique COB has low maintenance requirements, making it a practical and cost-effective lighting solution for businesses seeking to upgrade their indoor lighting. With its long-lasting performance and reliability, the Unique COB by Aronix is the perfect choice for businesses seeking a high-quality and visually striking indoor LED light. Choose the Unique COB by Aronix and make your indoor lighting stand out!



Watt Dimensions List with Aronix Driver With Philips / Similar Triac Dimmable CCT Dimmable & Adjustable
Cutout Outer Height
12W 75MM 85MM 33MM 2099 2188 2640 3290