Our Strength

Smart Lighting is Smarter us a way to  Address the lighting system by changing the color temperature do well aligning it via remote mobile app and remote internet access as well a google assistant and Alexa. We have a solution for smart constant arrogant views as well as  consent voltage device.
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We have our own modules for us downlights and cob's using good quality products and carter it to our lighting partners who have been resembling quality.
We Arronix have many products ranges catering to alignment application.we have a client to suggest a product as the desired use level. our team us well used with advising clients between various well of lighting it is  correct usage and application.
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Queries are the heart of any lighting product.we have our assembling line for CV SMPS drivers as well as smart drivers delivering a quality product complete in our contact.  we strongly promote make in India.   
we have well-required tools and machines to the manufacturing process, giving a better quality product our line of the manufacturing process in bard include fixture finishing shorting, assembling, testing, packing.